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Aircraft inspection and assessment for Owners and financial providers.

Just like in case of the pre-purchase inspection, the pre-lease inspection provides the future lessor with the information necessary to make a decision about leasing or refusing to lease an aircraft. In order to gather all the information, you need to assess the technical condition of an aircraft, the equipment, verify the documentation and compliance with legal European Union norms, as well as assess the actual value of an aircraft.

Jet Story offers objective technical and legal assessment of an aircraft that will allow the lessor to evaluate the banking risk and make the right decision. Inspection for financing purposes consists mainly of:

  • verifying the technical condition of the aircraft and the accuracy of its documentation
  • verifying maintenance statuses of an aircraft
  • physical control of key elements and the accuracy of their documentation
  • preparing a report

After finishing all the tasks, Jet Story issues a recommendation to grant or refuse the financing. The recommendation in question includes:

  • Analysis of the Maintenance status
  • Verification of the required Airworthiness Directives
  • Verification of modifications that are beyond the aircraft-type certificate
  • Analysis of conformity with the aircraft-type certificate
  • Verification of an aircraft and its specification
  • Inspection of the aircraft
  • Verification of the equipment against the available documentation
  • Verification of the aircraft repairs status
  • Aircraft market valuation

After the financing has been granted, Jet Story offers services related to monitoring the aircraft use on an ongoing basis that takes place once a year and, for the financing institution, they constitute the basis to assess the proper exploitation of an aircraft. The continuous supervision covers the verification that takes place every 12 months:

  • Analysis of the issued CRS documents
  • Analysis of the replaced parts with a limited service life
  • Analysis of the implemented modifications
  • Analysis of the implemented airworthiness directives
  • Analysis of the malfunctions and ways of dealing with them
  • Repair analysis
  • Physical inspection of an aircraft

After performing the inspection, Jet Story prepares a report about the use of an aircraft over the past 12 months, taking into consideration the abovementioned operational aspects.

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