Flight planning

We are the perfect solution for private jet operators, AOC holders, private aircraft owners who are looking for a reliable partner for flight planning and operational support

Now you are invited to use our tailor-made services of flight planning and dispatch support :

  • IFR, VFR operations planning
  • ETOPS/EROPS operations planning
  • ATC flight plan preparation and submitting
  • Entry / overflight / landing permit arrangement (via third party company)
  • PPR, airport slots arrangement
  • Customs /Immigration arrangement
  • Operational flight plan
  • WX & NOTAM/SNOWTAM bulletin preparation and analysis
  • Performance calculation (runway analysis, take-off and landing)
  • Flight watch, coordination, documentation


24/7 OPS non-stop dispatch support

  • Arrangements: fuel, handling, catering, hotels, ground transportation, etc.
  • Flight documentation archiving
  • Flight calculations (trip time, trip fuel, minimum required fuel, payload, fuel stop planning)
  • Crew rostering and communication
  • Disruption & changes management & recovery


Crew hotline 24/7

  • Crew travel bookings (airline tickets, ground transfers, hotels)
  • Crew documents management (following up licensing and training validity)
  • Flight duty times monitoring
  • Schedule management



Our Operations Control Center is working 24/7 to be single point of contact for pilots and sales department. With over 10 years of flight planning, flight support and dispatch experience in all regions, our team of flight dispatchers is ready to take care of every flight arrangement. Our extensive experience in the industry guarantees the expertise and confidence necessary to offer best-of-breed solutions to our customers.


The department consists of highly experienced licensed dispatchers including those specializing in fuel and handling price negotiations. Their competence, passion, and engagement help our company surpass its competitors. Our goal is to make your operations smooth and your aviation brand trusted.


Our goal is to make your operations smooth and your aviation brand trusted

We assign FDA licensed dispatchers as your dedicated point of contact available 24/7

We create solutions to meet your operational structure and unique requirements

We crosscheck, we ask, we listen and deliver

We ensure robust data security & confidentiality

We use variety of software incl. JetPlanner, PPS, RocketRoute, SkyDeamon

We price transparently

We are flexible and will fit in with your plans

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