The experience of Jet Story’s maintenance technicians guarantees professional and timely inspections and repairs of private aircraft.

Jet Story's maintenance technicians

The uninterrupted operation of your aircraft and the safety of its passengers mean regular technical maintenance is required at the highest level. Our team, comprising more than thirty highly specialized aircraft maintenance technicians with the best experience in Eastern Europe, ensures superior service standards for private jets.

We are a certified organization in compliance with Part-145 of European Aviation Safety Agency regulations. We perform both minor repairs as well as major hangar work on Bombardier, Embraer, Cessna and Gulfstream jets.


diagnostics, inspections, repairs
diagnostics planned maintenance minor and major
repairs and overhauls
a heated hangar, 2500 m2 of floor space

avionic workshops (including the required tools)

a team of more than 30 qualified aircraft maintenance technicians
We value your time and know you expect superior service. The maintenance schedules we offer are realistically short, but enable us to deliver uncompromising service quality. We guarantee that maintenance will be performed on time and that the plane will be ready for your next journey.

Don’t think twice about using our maintenance services – contact us now. Tell us what you need and we will send you a free quote. If you decide to work with Jet Story, you can be sure nothing stays out of your control. Our terms of contract are clear and we ensure two-way communication.

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