Purchasing an airplane
is a major decision.
We offer our expertise and support in finding the right aircraft.

We are independent advisors who consider the customer’s expectations first and foremost. We will carefully analyse all your needs before we recommend the optimal solution. It is important to consider the purpose of your aircraft, the routes you will be flying, how many passengers will accompany you and whether the plane is to be new or pre-owned.
jet purchase advisory
We will advise you on the choice of type and model. We will check for the best opportunities to buy. Our engineers will conduct a thorough technical inspection. We will determine the actual value of the aircraft. We will help:
import your aircraft to Poland

pick up your new aircraft directly from the factory

obtain a Certificate of Registration for your aircraft from the National Aviation Authority
The pleasure of owning an aircraft should not be a burden to you. We offer comprehensive customer care to guarantee:
complex care over the jet
Only properly equipped aircraft staffed by carefully selected personnel guarantee a pleasant travel experience. We offer:
We will make every effort to minimize the cost of owning your aircraft. And as a certified airline, we can provide you with additional revenue by chartering your aircraft commercially when you are not using it.