Business meeting?
Family trip? Golfing with friends or a sports event you’d like to take part in?

It’s easy. Just tell us your plans and what you’d like to eat on board – and we’ll handle everything. Enjoy the unique experience of travelling by private jet.


2 hours
That’s all it takes from accepting your order to seating you on board a private plane to enjoy the comfort you expect.
We’re flexible. If you decide to return earlier or stay longer, we’ll make it possible. Want to take additional passengers, or favourite pets? No problem. If you missed your scheduled flight or need to travel at short notice – call us and we’ll be ready to solve your problem.
You’re not dependent on anyone; you don’t need to wait for anyone. We’ll be waiting for you.
All procedures have been reduced to a minimum.

That’s all it takes to check you in at the VIP terminal. You will be welcomed by the captain and escorted to your plane.
On board the comfortably equipped plane you’ll be provided with service and meals of your choice. Would you like to see a movie, read, or just relax? With us, nothing is impossible. Tell us what you need and we’ll make sure you feel exceptionally well taken care of from our first meeting until the end of your journey.

We’ll organize transport by car or helicopter directly from the tarmac to your destination.
Jet Story - experience
weekend on a glacier
This could be your journey with us; a sample itinerary: