Imagine that you can reach any place in the world within a day. All it takes is a phone call to us and in 2 hours you will find yourself on board a hired jet heading in the direction of your choice. Take advantage of our services and change your view of travelling forever.

Take full control

At Jet Story it is you who decides how your journey will look – minute by minute. We fully adapt to your plans and requests, both in the air and on the ground. On board we can provide any menu you wish, consisting of dishes from the best restaurants in Europe, and after landing we will arrange transportation for you by car or helicopter directly from the apron to your final destination.

You can feel truly safe

We are completely uncompromising in our approach to the safety of every flight. This is why all our aircraft are equipped with the most modern safety systems and undergo regular comprehensive inspections. The pilots who sit at the controls receive regular training and take rigorous tests every six months at the elite US training organisation – Flight Safety International.